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Auscare’s Specialist Disability Accomodation Submission in response to the SDA Pricing and Payments Framework Review

This response to the SDA Pricing & Payments Framework Review ( the ‘Review’) has been developed by Melanie Southwell (Independent Consultant, specialising in NDIS housing supports) to highlight some key current cross-sector implications of the current SDA Pricing & Payments Framework (the ‘current Framework’), and recommendations to address that are amenable to all respondent parties.

The following organisations contributed to this submission:

  • SDA Housing Australia: A small for profit and for purpose SDA stock developer and Registered NDIS SDA Provider in NSW. SDA HA are a team of property experts formed to support the rollout of the SDA plans of the NDIA. SDA Housing Australia offer flexible and easy to understand accommodation options for all individuals looking for SDA.
  • Anand Group Homes Pty: A small family based organisation set up to provide decent permanent accommodation for people with severe physical and intellectual impairments. Established by a family with an adult child with disability for the purpose of providing appropriate SDA to this family member, and now also supporting other families in similar circumstances in their local area (Western Sydney).
  • Auscare Support: An independent NDIS Registered Provider of Support Coordination and Plan Management, currently servicing NSW. A team of passionate and dedicated professionals, striving to provide the best Support Coordination and Plan Management Services, possible.

1.1       Submission purpose

This submission seeks to:

  • support KPMG, the Commonwealth Department of Social Services (DSS), the Disability Reform Council (DRC) , and the NDIA
  • to understand key areas of strength within, and challenges arising from the current SDA Pricing & Payments Framework (the ‘current Framework’)
  • from the viewpoint of a small number of small Registered NDIS Providers,
  • via demonstration of the cross-sector nature of implications of the current Framework and cross-sector agreement on recommendations to improve,
  • focussing on areas within the scope of the Review Terms of Reference,
  • so as to inform the DRC development of arrangements for NDIS participant funding and market settings to replace the current Framework.

1.2       Conclusion

Our experience and investigations lead us to conclude:

  • There are a number of central strengths and enablers within the current Framework that must be retained in any update to the Framework, including:
    • Individualised funding
    • Focus on high and complex need
    • Real solutions for Participants with the least housing options
    • Funding that reflects diverse housing solutions
    • Clear separation of housing provision and support
    • SDA prices that address high costs of provision
  • There are a number of current challenges arising from the current Framework and/or its implementation that must be adequately addressed through this Review, including:
    • Perceived requirement for sharing of accommodation and supports
    • Funding reduction if sharing accommodation with family/loved ones
    • Delays and uncertainty about when SDA is determined and for what
    • Price uncertainty
    • Lack of demand data
    • Lack of supply data
    • Complexity of the current Framework and SDA Rules (2016)
    • Poor Participant Planning
    • Interactions between SIL and SDA
    • Unexpected outcomes of implementation of any changes to Policies

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