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Auscare Support: Not a Traditional Employee – Employer Relationship

Let’s talk about employer branding…. haven’t heard of it? Employer brand describes an employer’s reputation as a place of work and their employee value proposition, which is the offering provided by the organization in return for the skills, capabilities and experience the employees bring to the organisation. 

When working as a Support Coordinator with Auscare Support, it’s not a traditional employee-employer relationship, we look at it more as a long-term mutually beneficial partnership.  

An Independent Coordinator of Supports (ICOS) as we call them, is just that, ‘independent’. As a Support Coordinator with Auscare Support you operate as an independent contractor and align yourself alongside Auscare Support who will do the heavy lifting, by providing the big supports, such as marketing, compliance, training, learning and development, recruitment and much more. With the flexibility to work autonomously and the ability to support participants of your choosing, you can pick your hours of work to fit in with your lifestyle and family commitments.  

We recently sat down with one of Auscare Support’s experienced Support Coordinators, Lija Taylor, to discuss her experience working as a ICOS with Auscare. 

Lija Taylor
Support Coordinator
Greater Western Sydney
  • Lija shared that her experience supporting her child with a disability and gaining access to the NDIS has led her to take on the role of a Support Coordinator. Lija draws on her own life experience and knowledge daily to support her participants in working towards their NDIS goals.  

  • Having life experience means Lija is able to relate to her clients personally. While she believes every individuals needs differ, she feels a close connection with the families and participants she supports. 

  • Working from home and working flexible hours enables Lija to care for her children without the added stress of having to take compassionate or sick leave. She is free to attend medical appointments and make herself available when her family needs her. 
  • Every day is different and with it comes new challenges, that is what Lija loves about the role. For example, with the isolating environment that COVID created she was able to organise some new technologies and teach her participants how to best utilise them. “It was beautiful to see them getting involved in online drama, cooking and art therapy classes. They were able to talk to their friends and family, see their faces and right into their living rooms”. Lija found this experience very rewarding, saying “you can actually see the difference you are making, and you have the power to make a positive change in someone’s life”. 

  • Lija’s biggest achievement to date was seeing her participant’s face light up after ten weeks stuck inside due to the COVID lockdown. Lija was able to organise a support worker to take him for a weekend away and it completely changed his outlook, he came home feeling happy and relaxed.   

  • Lija feels the flexible working hours and ability to work from any location, along with the autonomy, challenge and satisfaction the role provides are the key benefits of working as a ICOS with Auscare.  

Auscare Support is actively working to become a first-class provider of Support Coordination services in Australia. We focus on providing continuous training and professional development to our Support Coordinators through our internal Support Coordination Coaches as well as partnering with training bodies such as DSC, the Support Coordination Academy, and My Spending Planner.

Auscare Support is at the forefront of raising the standards of Support Coordination in Australia, so we set high service standards and expect ICOS to take a proactive approach to their work. In return Auscare Support provide excellent renumeration and benefits that are important to our team’s needs.  

If you want to make a difference in your local community and make your voice heard, reach out to us, we would love to hear from you.  

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