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Auscare Support Coordination: Client focus over client volume

On 1 July 2020, the staged geographical roll-out of the National Disability Insurance Scheme was completed.

Approximately 365,000 Australians are now receiving funding from the NDIS and just over a third of these participants have funding for Support Coordination.

For readers who are new to the NDIS or do not currently receive Support Coordination funding, Support Coordination is a capacity building support and there are three different levels:

SUPPORT CONNECTION –  Designed to increase a participants capacity to connect with informal, community and funded supports;

COORDINATION OF SUPPORTS –  Focuses on building the skills of a participant to understand and implement their plan. A Support Coordinator works closely with the participant to find and engage providers best suited to meet their individual needs and requirements. They also assist the participant to maintain relationships with providers, increase their independence and manage service delivery; and

SPECIALIST SUPPORT COORDINATION – Specialist Support Coordination is specifically for participants requiring higher level support. A Specialist Support Coordinator assists participants to manage challenges in a complex environment and ensure consistent delivery of service.

Support Coordination is a vital support for those who receive it. Although the philosophy is that participants who receive this service will gradually enhance their skills to perform some of the functions delivered by a Support Coordinator, the reality is that the majority of these people would struggle significantly without this support. Many participants would not have the ability to research or engage providers, many would be confused as to what services the funding covers and how to navigate the complexities of the NDIS. The bottom line is, without Support Coordination, the health and wellbeing of participants would be put at risk and their goals would not be achieved.

The importance of Support Coordination funding has clearly been demonstrated here. The funding is so vital, but so too is the way in which service providers deliver Support Coordination services.

Support Coordination is one of the services Auscare Support delivers. Over the past 12 months, the number of Support Coordination clients has increased exponentially, so too has the number of Support Coordinators we have in our team.

There are thousands of NDIS registered providers of Support Coordination services operating in Australia and there are many large providers in this competitive sector. Auscare Support is not one of these large providers and our growth is not a result of Support Coordinators trying to meet high KPIs and to bring in as many clients as possible.

No, our rapid growth comes down to several key factors:

  • Employing the right people. People with the right mix of experience and people skills who resonate with our mission to achieve great futures for our clients and their families;
  • Our Support Coordinators are contactable, Monday – Friday, 9am to 5pm, on their mobile phone or work email address that goes directly to them, not to someone back at head office who has no knowledge of the clients plan or requirements;

  • We touched on it before, but we don’t set KPIs for attracting new clients at Auscare Support. In fact, we manage the number of clients our Support Coordinators manage to ensure that each and every one of our clients receives the same high standard of service; and
  • We are proactive, responsive and outcome-focused. Always have been, always will be.

When we speak with new clients and ask why they chose Auscare Support as their Support Coordination provider, the majority cite one or more of the points above. These points of difference are incredibly important to new participants and to participants who have had a bad service experience with another provider.

Auscare Support is also a firm believer in transparency and encourage all of our clients to share their experiences on several review platforms, including:

These reviews provide us with the opportunity to identify areas where we can improve our services and for clients to share their service experience with other NDIS participants.

Trust is one of the most important attributes our clients are looking for when selecting a service provider, and these reviews provide prospective clients with an honest insight into what they can expect if they select Auscare Support.

So, if you are looking for a Support Coordinator who will always focus on you and your specific needs, please visit our website where you will find the bios and contact details for a Support Coordinator located close to you.

We currently have Support Coordinators in the following areas:


  • Southern Highlands
  • Macarthur
  • Illawarra
  • Goulburn/Mulwaree
  • Shoalhaven
  • Inner-City, Sydney
  • Inner-West, Sydney
  • North Sydney
  • South Sydney
  • Eastern Suburbs, Sydney
  • Sutherland Shire
  • St.George
  • Western Sydney
  • Greater Western Sydney
  • Central Coast
  • Oberon
  • Upper-Lachlan Shire
  • Mid-North Coast
  • Far-North Coast
  • Orana & Far West
  • Central West
  • Albury


  • Adelaide Metro Region
  • Northern Adelaide
  • Southern Adelaide
  • Western Adelaide
  • Adelaide Hills
  • Barossa Light & Lower North


  • Wodonga


  • Gold Coast

If you are in an area we don’t service – please get in touch. We would love to be able to provide you and other NDIS participants with Support Coordination services.

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