Get more choice and value from your agency managed NDIS funds with a unique and innovative partnership between Auscare Support and Mable.

Who we are

Auscare Support are an NDIS registered Provider of Core Supports, Plan Management and Support Coordination. Mable is an online safeguarded marketplace where you can find and directly engage with local, independent support workers. Auscare Support + Mable working together for you and your NDIS journey.

An Innovative Partnership

Focus on your support and we’ll take care of the rest. Auscare accesses your NDIA managed funds, ensures total NDIS compliance and makes the payment for your support worker from your plan budget. By using the Mable platform, you can choose who supports you and when, from a community of vetted independent support workers. Each independent worker you engage via the Mable platform is covered by comprehensive insurances arranged on their behalf.

Clear and Transparent Pricing

Auscare Support charge a fixed 10% fee – to coordinate and access your NDIA managed funds. There are no set up fees, no upfront costs, no contracts, no daily fees, no exit fees, or daily fees. When engaging independent workers via Mable, you agree a rate with them directly. You’ll then pay the agreed rate, plus 5%.


Choose who supports you and when they support you, but by paying a lower rate per hour, you get more hours of support from the same funds.


Engage with local, fully vetted, comprehensively insured, independent support workers. Using the filters on the site mean that your unique care needs can be matched with your ideal worker.


Auscare Support + Mable is an innovative partnership, that provides a simple, flexible and seamless solution that gives you choice and control over your supports, if your Plan is NDIS managed.

“The Auscare and Mable solution is great! It was so easy to get my brother some awesome support staff. The Auscare Intake team made everything simple to understand, and helped me all the way.”

Kevin M.