Two happy young men and two happy young women on a beach with their arms outstretched. Text says: 'Finally, a Youth Mentor Program for Your Child, Teen or Young Adult.' Auscare Support logo also featured.
Finally, a youth mentor program for your child, teen, or young adult
Max king , April 13 2022
We recently launched the Auscare Mentor Project (AMP). It provides one-on-one mentoring for young participants with youth mentors who share similar pa... See more
A girl with long brown hair who has different coloured paint on her hands. A skateboard with one person standing on it and one person standing beside it. A group of four young people eating watermelon on the beach. The silhouette of two people at sunset, one is holding a camera and the other has a backpack. Three people on surfboards on the sand. Circular patterns in sand on the beach text that says 'AMPLIFY YOUR SCHOOL HOLIDAYS WITH AMP ADVENTURES!'
Amplify your School Holidays with AMP Adventures – Northern Rivers
Max king , April 07 2022
Searching for something exciting to do during the school holidays? Look no further, AMP has you covered! We have something for everyone, check t... See more
The Power of Mentoring… Noah & Oliver’s Story
Max king , February 16 2022
Noah is a teenager with autism. He has struggled socially throughout his school years and has been the target of bullying. He is different from... See more
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