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A workplace that’s like no other

Auscare Support is a place that’s daring, has grit and keeps getting better. We tell the truth, treat you and others with respect and inclusion. If you want to make a difference to others’ lives and for your path to be made simple, then join us.

What you need to know about Auscare Support:

We are a force

We’re in your corner and have the grit and determination to get shit done. Underneath the swagger you’ll find warmth, imagination, openness and solutions that delight and surprise.

We are respectful

We are one team and we believe in mutual respect. This means no politics or grandstanding, just communicating deeply and thoughtfully with each other, our clients (and everyone else).

We pass the pub test

If we make a mistake, we’re happy to own it. We hope that this doesn’t happen too often, because we put the work in to do things right the first time. We have a clear picture of what is acceptable before we start.

We never settle

We are about achieving real outcomes for each other and those we support. We’re constantly learning, growing, striving and evolving so that we lift ourselves and each other to be best we can be.

We are uncomplicated

Most things are complex, but we make them simple for ourselves and others. We set a clear vision from the start, resolve issues without fuss and if we need advice or assistance, we ask for it.

We dare to be different

We have the courage to take on big challenges because we’ve built the foundations to support each other. Together we have the guts to leap into the unknown and never leave anyone behind.

We are on a mission

We aim to empower great futures for our clients and their families. We do this because we love it. We also know that when we assist others we help ourselves, our families our community and the world.

We are empowered

We operate with openness, encouragement, autonomy and possibility. We give each other the tools and resources to succeed and the space to learn. This way, we grow into roles and responsibilities that are great.

We want you

If you like what we stand for, we want you too. We want you as a client, a team member and business partner and we want it to be long-term. We care about where you’re going and how we can help you get there.

Meet our team


Max King


I make sure that Auscare Support is heading in the right direction, and ensure that the wonderful culture that has been created is preserved, and enhanced, as we grow.

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Jessian Polk

Marketing Director

I work with the team to ensure that Auscare Support’s key purpose and mission are articulated and communicated across multiple mediums.

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Margaret Tully

CFO/ CEO of Auscare Support

I am responsible for the finance and operations of Auscare Support. Thank goodness I have a fantastic team that works with me on meeting our goals.

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Head office

Emma Meynin

Plan Management and Reporting Manager

I supervise the Plan Management and Reporting teams, working closely with them to ensure correct processing of data, reports, and provider payments. I support and empower them to make effective changes and enhance their industry skills.

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Jessica O’Halloran

Recruitment Manager

I manage the Recruitment and Onboarding for a range of roles within the business nationally, including our Support Coordinators and Plan Managers.

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Jo McIntyre

Head of Support Coordination Compliance

Location: Ballina, Far North Coast, NSW

I support our team of Support Coordinators with advice and knowledge so that we can ensure all clients are receiving an excellent level of support.

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Tina Brown

Mable Customer Support/ Auscare Plan Manager

I assist participants and their families with their NDIS funding and budget requirements, arranging service agreements, sorting out budgets and balances. I like to talk to and get to know our participants and listen to their amazing life stories.

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Rebecca Lackenby

Projects & Intake Manager

I provide support and training in Auscare systems, which includes reconciling Support Coordination client accounts. I also oversee our intake and reception team as well as working on any system-based projects that arise.

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Liz Hunter

Projects Officer

I help move projects along and monitor their progress. My unique skill is keeping jobs on track from start to finish.

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Linda Dickey

Data & Reports Officer

I provide reporting and analytical support to Auscare Support as a member of the finance team.

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Lauren Oostryck

Recruitment Manager

Currently I'm working closely with the Support Coordination coaches to improve our recruitment and onboarding process for our Independent Support Coordinators. My goal is to grow our team of Support Coordinators across the country.

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Joseph Lyons

Marketing Officer

I am responsible for developing and scheduling a wide range of content, including sector updates, service related articles and client stories. I also manage the webinar series and attend expos and events to promote our services to NDIS participants and providers.

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Franzine White

Intake Officer

I am the person who conducts a pre-engagement process with new participants. I take all their information, set them up in our system, send out agreements and create service bookings to help create a seamless transition.

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Plan Managers

Jenn Stephenson

Plan Management Officer

I help clients with their NDIS Plans, their funding and paying their invoices. I love that I can empower our clients with choice and control with regards to providers.

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Rebecca Reeves

Plan Manager-Manager

I liaise with our NDIS Plan Managed participants, their families and carers, as well as providers. I enter service agreements, sort invoices and regularly check in on clients’ budgets to ensure that everything is on track.

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Debbie McCabe

Plan Management Support Officer

I process claims from providers on behalf of participants (from their approved plan budgets); provide guidance and support to participants and assist them with keeping track of their funding.

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Support services

Michelle Burton

Partnership Manager

I am the customer service/ liaison person for our Mable partnership, which includes issues resolutions for these participants.

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Support coordinators

Kale Thompson

Support Coordinator

Location: Melbourne

I help Participants get the most out of their NDIS plans and assist them to achieve their goals. I connect my clients with service providers who are best suited to meet their unique needs and circumstances.

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Amanda Warner

Support Coordinator

Location: Adelaide & Adelaide Hills

I enjoy assisting people to get the most use out of their NDIS plans and utilise their funding. The best part of being a support coordinator is witnessing my clients achieve their goals and be happy in their lives.

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Cassandra Teuma

Support Coordinator

Location: Western Sydney & Hawkesbury area

I offer individualised and person-centred support to my clients. I love to help them build capacity, and support them to exercise choice and control as I assist them with achieving their goals.

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Mellissa Radford

Support Coordinator/Specialist Support Coordinator

Location: Launceston, TAS

I work with NDIS participants to help implement their plans and link with mainstream and community supports to help them work towards achieving their goals. Assisting participants to build capacity and independence is a very rewarding part of my role.

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Lija Taylor

Support Coordinator/Specialist Support Coordinator

Location: Baulkham Hills, South West Sydney, NSW

My role is to support clients with understanding and implementing their NDIS Plan as well as help determine their support, therapy or care requirements. I prioritise capacity building, with an emphasis on choice and control.

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Catherine Costello

Support Coordinator/Specialist Support Coordinator

Location: Byron Bay, NSW

I assist people to receive the supports they need to achieve positive outcomes and achieve the goals set out in their NDIS plan. I help them to make their plan come to life.

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Tanya Pisk

Support Coordinator

Location: Waterloo

I connect participants to services within the community, including crisis support. I also make sure that I connect with my clients weekly to see how they are going and assist them to fulfil their goals using their allocated funding in the best ways possible.

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Megan Perrin

Support Coordinator

Location: Ballina, Far North Coast, NSW

I support people and help build capacity to understand their plan and get the best out of it while planning for the next one. The most rewarding part of my role as a Support Coordinator is seeing clients achieve their goals.

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Kirsty Bonner

Support Coordinator

Location: Adelaide Central

I support my clients to enable them to be happy in their lives. This includes helping maximise their budget usage and find therapists, activities and supports that are aligned with their goals. I also assist them with preparing for reviews.

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Mandy Beams

Support Coordinator

Location: Gold Coast, QLD

I connect my clients with the services that will help them to achieve their goals and aspirations. This includes support workers, psychologists, speech therapists, occupational therapists, day programs, short-term accommodation, group activities and supported independent living.

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Ali Dibbs

Support Coordinator/Specialist Support Coordinator

Location: Newcastle, NSW

I support my clients by guiding them and their families through the NDIS journey to achieve their vision of a truly meaningful life. I help them tap into well-suited services and supports that offer new experiences and make life a little easier.

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Ula Llewellyn

Support Coordinator

Location: Moorebank, South-West Sydney, NSW

I value empowering people with information and improving access to supports they require to reach their goals and have a fulfilling and inclusive life. I enjoy working with them as a team to improve their quality of life.

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Monica Perrie

Support Coordinator/Specialist Support Coordinator

Location: Parkes NSW

I work hard to support my NDIS participants to get the most out of their NDIS plans, fully utilise their funding and request plan reviews where necessary. I work with a lot of my clients to help them move out of hospital or nursing home care, often into appropriate accommodation.

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Nicholas Browne

Support Coordinator

Location: Kirribilli, Sydney NSW

I assist participants with maximising the usage of their NDIS plans and funding to achieve their goals and support them in building capacity and skills.

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Lachelle Uzcateguigaymon

Support Coordinator

Location: Inner West Sydney

I support participants and their families to get the best outcomes from their NDIS Plan. I contact and liaise with service providers and link participants with community networks.

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Krysten Taylor

Support Coordinator/Specialist Support Coordinator

Location: Milton, Shoalhaven NSW

I establish links between participants and service providers, resolve complex issues, engage in higher level inter-agency liaison for complex cases as well as project research.

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Kate Johnson

Support Coordinator

Location: South Australia

I help my clients to become empowered to reach their goals by understanding not just their plan but who they are as people and how I can assist with building on their existing strengths.

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Vanessa Geange

Support Coordinator/Specialist Support Coordinator

Location: Bomaderry NSW (South Coast)

I provide Support Coordination and Specialist Support Coordination to a wide range of participants. I assist them to build their capacity and connect them with the services best suited to their needs.

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Jackie Schenk

Support Coordinator

Location: Taralga, but I cover the Goulburn/Oberon regions

The most rewarding part of my role as a Support Coordinator is being part of my client’s journeys, assisting them to maximise their NDIS plans and helping them to achieve their goals.

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Debra Simpson

Support Coordinator

Location: Ocean Shores

My greatest joy is connecting with people. I help clients to build confidence and skill in their daily life to help them to reach their goals. I love to assist others and make the most of the opportunities available in their community.

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Anna Burnett

Support Coordinator

Location: Sydney

I enable participants to maximise the use of their NDIS funding to help them achieve their goals. I work closely with my clients to find and connect them to the service providers best suited to meet their needs.

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Budget Builder

Molly Cook

Budget Builder and Plan Management Support

Location: Barossa Valley South Australia

I assist Participants with understanding their NDIS plans and creating a budget for their NDIS funding.

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Acknowledgment of Country

Auscare Support acknowledges the Australian Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples as the first inhabitants of the nation and the traditional custodians of the lands where we live, learn and work.

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What defines the Auscare Support team?

Auscare Support began in 2015 with a single Support Coordinator and has expanded to become a team of 50-plus committed individuals. From Day One, we prioritised gaining a deep understanding out clients’ lives and goals to set the groundwork to achieve our mission of empowering great futures for our clients and their families.
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"We have a passion to see things through to the end so people know when push comes to shove, we are there for them."

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