What is Support Coordination

Put simply an Auscare Support Coordinator is like your personal assistant. Our whole drive and purpose is to:

INFORM – you about what is possible to maximise the outcomes of your NDIS funds

CONNECT – you with the best support options available to you and assist you with your navigation of the NDIS

EMPOWER – we will empower your capacity for control, choices of supports and decisions that affect you.

In essence we are focused on bringing your plan to life. To activate all of the different facets of your individual plan, and to help your to develop long term support solutions that work for you.


The primary role of a funded coordinator of supports is to:

  • Support implementation of all supports in the plan, including informal, mainstream and community, as well as funded supports;
  • Coordinate assessments, reports and service proposals;
  • Capturing any required data for the Agency;
  • Identify strategies and solutions for managing risks such as aging carer, sustaining informal supports, sustainability of housing
  • Identify and seek relevant assessments and associated service design for participants with risk behaviours and behaviours of concern;
  • Support the participant through identifying and selecting providers, monitoring plan outcomes & plan expenditure;
  • Strengthen and enhance the participant’s abilities to self-direct their own supports and participate in the community;
  • Ensure mainstream services meet their obligations (i.e. housing, education, justice, health);
  • Provide the NDIA with reports on outcomes and success indicators within the agreed reporting frequency.

A funded coordinator of supports is not:

  • A paid advocate,
  • Rostering and administration of individual supports.

Additional Information:

  • It is NDIA preference that the coordination of supports is delivered by an NDIA registered provider as this is a capacity building support.
  • It is NDIAs preference that the Coordinator of Supports is not the provider of any other funded supports in the plan. Providers are reminded of their obligations under the NDIA Terms of Business when providing supports. Any actual or potential conflict of interest must be managed by the provider and will be monitored by the NDIA.”
  • It is anticipated that the Support Coordinator will forward a Plan Implementation report to the NDIA within 8 weeks of the Service Request being completed and accepted.

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Support Staff



Support Coordinator

Kelly's passion is to ensure everyone can live their life to their full potential, after all everyone has a right to have a quality of life right?



Support Coordinator

Max is the original Auscare Support Coordinator, working with the founders to create an environment where excellence in servicing clients is an absolute minimum standard.

Establishing Best Practices

Auscare Support have since 2015, been involved with driving the highest level of standards with regards to

  • Support Coordination
  • Plan Management
  • Disability Support Staff

We are constantly striving to be the best provider of ALL of the services that we provide.

All of the Auscare team are committed to

  • continual development
  • continuous learning
  • honest feedback

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