Auscare Support was established in 2015, to 'enable great futures for our clients'... this mission saw us achieve accreditation for

  • Support Coordination
  • Plan Management
  • Disability Support Staff

In NSW, in 2015.

From the humble beginnings of getting our very first client in June 2016, we have grown to support over 100 clients.

But we have never lost site of a few things:

  • We are dedicated to being the best at what we do, in every aspect of our work, and in all our interactions with everyone we deal with!
  • Auscare are committed to looking after our internal staff.... as we believe that if internal team members are happy, and they are enjoying their work, then they will strive fiercely to do the very best for their clients.
  • We are proudly "profit for purpose" ... whilst many companies are not-for-profit... we are committed to our long term vision of serving the Disability Sector. To do this we must be a viable business.

"We feel very fortunate to have you as our
father's Support Coordinator"

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